• Realistic courts

    Realistic courts

    Courts designed to fit World Squash Federation standards. The court was designed accurately based on official specifications.

  • Detailed racket design

    Detailed racket design

    The rackets were designed rigorously in every detail from scratch. In the future custom designed and colored rackets will be available.

Competitve multiplayer

VR Squash 2017's main focus is to create fast-phased competitive squash experience. The final game will include casual and also ranked play modes for a head-to head online experience.

HD Textures

The game's textures are all HD physically based materials for the purpose of realism. Each one is based on a real material to make you feel like you are in a real squash court.

Built for HTC Vive

The game was designed for HTC Vive from the start. The main focus is to create a realistic VR game what looks and feels like actual squash. The game makes full use of the Vive's room-scale and realistic control abilities. For example hitting the ball will feel like actually hitting a squash ball.